What's PDQ Stand For?

Look at my new project for work! I love using the assets that we get from Lucasfilm, they are so clean.

The top image is the 3D render from Blender. It's a free program that's made for 3D modeling and animation, but it's really great for product shot mockups too. I'm looking forward to learning more about the program, like detailed texture mapping. I would like to make short animated films to send to our retailers, instead of a boring CAD like this.

The next image is the full scale mockup I made to send to the prospective customer. It's always fun to see a digital design come to life at full size!  And the final image is the flat art to be submitted to the licensor for approvals. It will be a very simple task to apply this art to the actual production dieline, because all the art was created at full size and resolution.

The project isn't quite wrapped up yet, in fact I expect a round of revisions will be needed to get it approved by our friends at Lucasfilm. They have some serious brand integrity!


Getting in Gear!

Boy, have I logged a lot of design hours since I last wrote something in this blog! After spending the past year working as a full time Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant at ChicoBag Company, I have polished my skills and become much quicker and more efficient in my design work. I also learned extremely valuable lessons in Marketing strategy and teamwork from the amazing and talented folks I was surrounded by every day. I'm ready to hit the job market with all of these new skills!

While I'm waiting for the job offers start to roll in, I'm happy to pick up some freelance work as Laurelby Graphics, starting with my self-assigned task of updating my neglected website. (The only time a designer updates a portfolio is when they are looking for something to do.) I also have a few other jobs on the table- some logo design, a brochure and even some social marketing consultation for my good buddy Angelo Poli at Whole Body Fitness.

Speaking of social networking, how about you like my page? ;)


Beware the Bag Monster


I started my internship at ChicoBag just one month ago, and I already love it. I was recently asked to create a custom design for bags that Andy (owner and creator of ChicoBag brand reuseable bags) will hand out during his great Bag Monster road trip.

After watching the great documentary "Bag It!", I am even more determined to never use disposable plastic bags again! 


For more information on the Bag Monster, visit:


Drawing on Experience


My final project for Basic Drawing-my interpretation of a Bracussi sculpture called "Little Bird".

This was the first time we were able to use any color in our drawing, I used a "sanguine", or rust-colored Conte crayon, and altered the tones with black charcoal and white pastel.

The paper we used had a creamy manilla color- you can see it in the sculpture, but I blocked it out everywhere else. It was a messy process! I had to use a fixitive to get the dry particles to adhere to the paper before I framed it, otherwise it would have stuck to the glass.

The drawing class was a good experience, but I still don't think I'm an "ar-teest". Maybe if I actually practiced...



The Spring 2010 Semester is wrapping up! I just finished my final project for the Business of Graphic Design (Art 39)-this website! I also finished the printing and production of my final package design for Graphic Design 2 (Art 34). 

I designed new labeling for one of my favorite products- G.T.'s  Kombucha. Arné thinks I should send a sample to G.T. Dave to see if they want to rebrand their entire product line to make me happy. Maybe they will go for it- I can't imagine anyone passing up the chance to use Japanese unruh (mulberry fiber tissue paper) in their packaging design!