Hi, I'm Laurel Stanfield, Graphic Designer.

I specialize in communication solutions for small businesses, from corporate identity to marketing materials and photography. My understanding of printing technology, social media, copy writing and apparel design has enabled me to help my clients with a wide range of projects. Some examples of my work are available to view here.

All About Me

My interest in graphic design began around 1995 when my uncle gave the family an Apple Performa 630 and installed two software programs: ClarisWorks and Brushstrokes (precursors to modern design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop). I spent hours creating little works of art on the computer!

My desire to pursue a career in design was rekindled while working in the Copy & Print Center at Office Depot. A stickler for well-designed and easy-to-use materials, I decided to redesign some of the tools the corporate office required employees to use. After presenting the designs to the Regional Manager, they were soon adopted and distributed to over 1400 retail stores. From then on I acted as an in-store consultant to the Marketing Department at corporate headquarters.

I started Laurelby Graphics in 2005 to pursue my passion for design, and made it a goal to seek out more training. I learned a lot of techniques and theories from web tutorials but ultimately decided to go back to school in 2008.  In 2011 I graduated with an A.S. Degree in Graphic Design for Print from Butte College.

After graduation I worked for the reusable bag company, ChicoBag, where I was able to design sales tools, point-of-sale signs, packaging and web graphics. I also designed original textile patterns and screenprint designs for use in reusable bag and accessory production. My responsibilities also included managing social network communications and creating and proofing marketing copy for press releases, product descriptions and mass emails.

Currently I work for Fifth Sun Apparel, a leader in the graphic apparel industry, and enjoy a position that uses my skills in organization and design. Take a look at my blog for current projects.

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Get in touch with me for a no-hassle consultation.